First Post

This is the first post by me, Annie, but I hope that I will not be the only one using this site.  This is for all E-Corps members to share their pictures, experiences, and projects with other crews, friends, and family.  So I’ll start it up.

Today my crew, 1700 hrs., and the Service Learning Academy crew went out to the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve.  Once at site we were educated about the endangered songbirds the golden cheeked warbler and the black-capped vireo, who should be arriving in the area in March.  The BCLP region is focusing their efforts on creating more nesting habitat for the black-capped vireo.  The enjoy nesting in a brushy environment between 2 to 5 feet off the ground.  So today we went in and cleared out the cedar and most importantly the tall shinoaks.  Once the shinoaks are cut, in my understanding, is that lots of little shoots will come up and make a wonderful little brushy love nest for the birds.

The project was our first involving habitat restoration, so it was a somewhat motivating day.  The work was tough as most the cedar and shinoak were very prickly and not easy to stack.  Most of the swamping involved tramping on a ground of old cedars cut down a year or two ago with splintery stumps that made tripping a constant concern (a discussed safety hazard).  Even though, we were lucky enough to experience some of the very little frozen precipitation that Austin has received this winter.  Cold, but beautiful.  When the saws were not running I would catch myself standing and listening to the frozen rain hitting the leaves on the ground.

-Annie D.

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