Warm Day

It was chilly in the morning, but it’s starting to really warm up in the afternoon.  The summer heat is on its way.  This was our last day working on the Barton Creek Green Belt, just up-stream of the Barton Springs swimming pool.  We have been removing ligustrum and nandina for the past few weeks through the rain and mud.  The area was practically a ligustrum forest when we started.  Once we cut the insane amount of material we have been piling it into long rows about 4′ high, we call these windrows.  Earl did a GPS walk of the windrows that we created and it totaled to 1500 feet (that right?).  This morning I was performing the task of herbiciding with Eraser Aq that is dyed a lovely dark blue.  This beautiful blue was also the color of my fingers at the end of the herbiciding yesterday.   This job is relatively boring.  You must wear plastic disposable gloves for the task so you can’t really do any labour except wait to paint blue the freshly cut stumps .  So while waiting for my next herbaciding task I thought a lot about my life and so on and so forth.  At some point I quietly hear a hawk call.  I look up and two red-shouldered hawks are enjoying the beautiful day flying above us, checking out our work.  My mother has always been a lover of hawks and would nearly steer us off the road to point one out to us.  So I have always kept a spot for them in my heart.   The hawks’ visit was a nice distraction from the boring task at hand but yet another reminder of why I love this job, the sky is our ceiling.

-Annie D.

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