David and the Chipper

Last week we were introduced to the Bandit.  He has a mean raccoon kind or grin and he ate cedar like your nephew eats lucky charms cereal.  We were all really excited to be using a chipper this week since we had spent the whole of the last two weeks only piling up cuttings for them to remain in windrows.  Now it was our turn for total destruction!  I personally jumped on the chute.  We had to spread the material thinly so that it wouldn’t create a problem when they perform a burn later on.  I would say it was akin to operating the confetti gun at an arena basketball game.  Others took turn feeding material into the mouth of the bandit whereupon it would suck almost anything up, big, small, thin, spiny.  You never knew how it would spin, so watch out, smack in the face.  But it was all worth it when a huge log went through and was chopped up in seconds and resulted in a massive churning noise of spewing chunks of wood.  Yes, that was awesome.

Oh and David taught us the basics of making flint tools. One of the coolest partners ever.

-Annie D.

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