Re-Route of Stream

So I received a degree in Hydrogeology, which I though would train me for all sorts of subjects water related, but I was a little stumped by this one.  We needed small stream that only runs during rain events to flow out onto the trail in a different spot from where it might have if we left it.  Water is one of our worst enemies in that it is the one thing that can take the most disastrous toll on months worth of trail work.  It is amazing in its ability to move and shape such hard things such as rocks and land, but itself is one of the softest things in the world and is gone in seconds.  So we devised a plan with an earthen dam in the old path and we cut a new one armoring it a bit with the local limestone.  Fingers crossed that during the next rain event it works and holds up and nature will take the hint to follow our new path.

-Annie D.

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