Rhymer's Ranch. Word.


we created the rough ride, catered to the buff types,

now makin’ it real smooth, bankin’ for the chair rides,

armored drain dips, crushed granite,

flagstone, limestone; we just don’t quit.


Our first real spike trip last week.

Bastrop, second week: we weren’t a crew yet.

San Antonio, third week: learning to camp, although inside a house. No labor.

San Antonio, second round: although not sweeping puddles, work was very easy.

Reimer’s Ranch, fourteenth (?) week: We excel. We came seeking more time to work; we made good use of that time. It’s been a rough project, and it won’t get any easier until it’s not the project we’re working anymore. It’s easy to begin to think of one’s life as vestigial to E-corps because of how personally intense it is- physically, mentally, and socially.

What works for me is to remember that it’s a year-long commitment, and it’s a job. I can’t clean my room, but I know how to work when on the clock. Once I understand this, my fatigue becomes understanding; I use it as an indicator of what I’m truly capable of, and I am able to overcome many hindrances that seem insurmountable.

Such is life! I see how far I’ve come and that time stretches on; my weariness is apparently only fractional, because I’m still standing, right?

Reimer's Ranch
A secluded spot near the Pedernales river.

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