A Timely Transition

As we finish up our 2011 season, we welcome in our 2012 crew leaders. Bringing experience and stories from Alaska, Montana, Oregon, California, and even our beloved Texas, our new leaders and their fresh energy quickly and competently completed our orientation. From a sunset dinner at Native American Seed Company and NOLS Wilderness First Aid to trail basics and chainsaw training in Bastrop State Park, our new year has already begun to blossom.

Introductions at the Texas Tech Field School in Junction, TX.
Cooking dinner at Native American Seed Company.
Fresh deer meat!
Crew Leaders at South Llano State Park.
Getting to know Texas inhabitants.
Improvising in Wilderness First Aid.
Learning how to do CPR and use the defibrillator.
Herbicide and Invasive Species removal techniques talk.
Crew Leaders at work.
Building check steps in Bastrop State Park.

One thought on “A Timely Transition

  1. Very good blog post. I always mention that one of the most important reasons for first aid is to preserve Life, not only the casualty’s life, but your own as well. Far too often only one person’s life
    is in danger when the emergency services are called, but by the time they arrive there
    are more. If you put your life in danger, you can end up fighting for your OWN life
    instead of the casualty’s.

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