Tricklin’ Through the Seasons

As the winter air settles in and the new year begins, my mind is focused on another season at American YouthWorks. Having worked with E-Corps for 2 seasons, I am just as excited for the upcoming one as I was for the first. One of the greatest joys that come with the work is the sense of belonging. I know that the people that I am about to meet will become family which is a beautiful thing. While we all grow on an individual basis, we all grow as a family too. A family that learns how to work hard, enjoy life and truly understand the meaning of a hard days work. Before we know it, the winter air will have retreated and the members of e-corps will be flourishing as the spring air descends.

Patrick Helton

Patrick will be a member on the Bastrop State Park Restoration Crew.

Patrick felling a hazard tree in Bastrop State Park after the wildfire.

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