Unexpected Memories

Working on the park in Cherrywood was nostalgic for me as  I grew up in Austin, down the street from Cherrywood. I hadn’t seen it in a long time, around 6-7 years. Seeing the neighborhood was surprising. The first work day, I didn’t realize where we were at all. It wasn’t until the next time that we drove past my childhood home that I realized where we were. Everything was different, nicer, gentrified maybe. My favorite taco place is now a coffee shop with a clientele you would normally never have seen there. Where we helped build stone steps used to just be overgrown space no one used. There were no sidewalks or safe green places to walk around the neighborhood. You never saw people jogging or walking their dogs before. Now not even 15 minutes go by without someone coming through with a pet or a stroller. I was happy to see improvements and more life brought to the neighborhood but sad to see changes to the things I loved. I was glad to have the opportunity to continue to contribute to the place I loved as a child as it is home to other kids now, many of whom walked through the park or helped pick up trash with us. I hope that the area continues to thrive and maintain a sense of community spirit.

Rose Jones-Goodrich, Current ECorps Member

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