ECorps: It Takes A Lot of Work to Make Nature Look Natural

AmeriCorps. Perhaps the only government job without ‘benefits,’ but as the grit in my nails can testify, perhaps the one that gets the most done. And a man like me would rather do something than nothing.

I’ve slogged fistfuls of pine needles and muck in creeks and felled forests of invasive reeds. It’s given me a new found respect for manual work. For my past 22 years I have held mental work as the pinnancle of human labor. But this stuff is a lot harder than I thought. I come home smelling some days, and other days black as ash. But there’s a certain comraderie in ECorps that brings people together. From the first day, all social barriers seemed broken. There were no cliques, no outcasts, no on too strange to understand. We are shamelessly peculiar and proud to blend in.

Bastrop Park of Lost Pines has seen hell and high water, and after the worst of both, it’s been Ecorps restoring it. Dead roots and barren soil have left silt, pine needles and ash in the river beds. Nothing will live there for some time, nothing unless we get things done here.

Abraham Clabby, ECorps Member

One thought on “ECorps: It Takes A Lot of Work to Make Nature Look Natural

  1. Hard physical work is good for the soul and it sounds as though yours is richer because of your work with ECorp! Hats off to you.

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