The Greenbelt Crew

My crew and I have been working in The Greenbelt on and off for the past few weeks. We are definitely getting to know the area pretty well, having worked at three different access points so far (360, spyglass and gus fruh).

We’ve worked in the greenbelt so much, the other crews have started calling us “the greenbelt crew”. Our goal is to clear the invasive species that prey on the trees of the greenbelt. We hike all of our gear, including chainsaws, gas and bar oil, and water down to the area that we’ll work in for the day. Everyone has been getting a lot of experience using chainsaws and really understanding the compression and tension of trees. Our days are filled with laughter, the sound of saws, yelling at each other because we have ear plugs in and enjoying the beauty of nature around us. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Yeehaw!

Anna Lee Marini, ECorps Member

One thought on “The Greenbelt Crew

  1. …if my daughter wasn’t on this crew, I wouldn’t even know about these unsung heroes! Exceptional people doing exceptional work!…..if only everyone would do their part…what a world it could be!

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