SLA Crew Member Experiences with E-Corps


Ever since I’ve joined E-Corps I’ve become a more positive person. It has a lot to do with my crew leaders Tim and Nicki. I love E-Corps because we are making changes for the Environment. It’s the little things that they don’t notice that actually makes a difference. I’ve also learned a lot of things that I’ve never done in my life like trail building but now when I see things outside from work I’m like “Hey I could do that :)”.  I love my crew leaders Tim and Nicki. And also Elaine and Erin. They all understand and they are always here to hear us out and help us on our work. I love E-Corps and I am going to miss it when I graduate.

– Bri Alderete (20)

Since joining AmeriCorps, particularly Environmental Corps, I have noticed great changes within myself as well as those around me. When I joined American YouthWorks I was a very quiet person who would not speak to any one I did not know and did not like people in general. I have become a much more outgoing person and am a lot happier with life in general.

– Will Kruckeberg (18)

Being in E-Corps has changed who I am. Before I joined the program I was way off track with school and everything else that’s important to me. Last term I was still in my old ways. I didn’t know what I really wanted. I had a bad attitude. I didn’t really take my responsibilities as serious as I do now. I love what I do and it’s changed me a lot. It opened my eyes and has taught me a lot in what I truly want. I’m surrounded by amazing people that taught me everything I need to know. I appreciate E-Corps on what they are for me. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for this opportunity.

– Amber Manzano (16)





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