Environmental Corps goes to Big Bend…for a month.

Ok, I have a story for you. It’s our third week of work. Week one was a piece of cake, everything was shiny and new, we were busy moving camp, watching the sunset and passing out by 8:30pm. The second week flew by as we really began to cut tread and our brains got used to humming along with the cicadas.

Then week three happened. It got hot. Real hot. We were used to it, but then it stayed hot. All the time. As in, get out of the shower and still sweat. Can’t put sunscreen on because it makes you sweat. Don’t want to eat because it makes you sweat. I think somewhere around wednesday we all started getting the crazy eye. People who had heat exhaustion get weirder. For me, it manifested as talking to rocks and almost crying when I dropped some food in the dirt. It was at this point that I realized I hit the wall.

The wall is an incredible force that just looms up out of nowhere. Sometimes the only way to get over it is by rolling around in agony and then standing up and realizing it was all a bad dream, that the huge wall is really no bigger than a parking curb. That all you have to do is stand up and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Big Bend made my head reel. Everyday out there was a gift. Cactus flowers. Silence. All the stars and watching the moon grow, every night. The desert is a brutal place, and it reminded me just how easy we have it and how lucky we were to be out there.

Layla Farahbaklash, Crew Leader

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