Texas Conservation Corps – It’s A Real Thing

Environmental Corps held it’s last graduation on 16 November at Stevenson’s Preserve in South Austin. We played kick ball, tried to keep track  of the dogs and kids that appeared to outnumber the greenshirts, ate food, and went through the memorable moments of the year. Thanks to Texas Parks and Wildlife and Bastrop State Park for coming and celebrating with us! From FEMA to Big Bend Trail Crew to Grad School to Casa Verde Builders, our members are moving towards interesting and rewarding futures. Best of luck to all of you, and keep in touch! Alumni love shwag too, right?

Things are starting to look a little different, and it’s certainly not thanks to the ever steady 80 degree weather. WE ARE THE TEXAS CONSERVATION CORPS! And with the beginning of training for our 2013 crew leaders on 26 November, it’s official. It’s going to take us a while to stop mutter ‘ECorps,’ but we can’t wait to see what kind of changes lie behind this one.

Speaking of crew leaders, we’ve got these 14 guys and gals a little less than a month and are determined to pack in as much training as possible. We have already gone to visit some past local projects, had an incredible adventure out to the Hill Country for 3 days (thanks to The Nature Conservancy and Madrono Ranch), worked on trails and rock work, and received Wilderness First Aid and CPR Training from NOLS. The conversations about past experience and future goals may linger a little longer than expected, but we were hoping it would anyway. Vehicles, chainsaws, risk management, communication, leadership styles, and probably a little more fun and we will be ready to do it all over again with the members in January.

Take a look at our photos over the last month, and remember, WE ARE THE TEXAS CONSERVATION CORPS!

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