Texas Conservation Corps Deploys to New Jersey to Aid in Hurricane Sandy Clean Up

So we will soon embark on our deployment to New Jersey and it’s definitely safe to say that we are all a little anxious and excited. Personally I (Jamie) am really excited for the three day road trip across the country and a little more anxious about how I’m going to hold up working in freezing temperatures all day, every day, for the next month.  However we will be hunkered down in a church every night with conservation crews from Utah and Washington and I am always excited to meet new people from different places. I’m not sure exactly what it’s going to look like or what kind of work we’re going to be doing but I’m anxious to find out. Among the crew, we’ve got five chainsaws, a handful of rock-bars and crow-bars, a few single jacks and enough optimism to found our own country. On that note I can say that everyone on the crew is proud to be a part of the clean-up effort and we are confident that this deployment will yield significant results in thr effort to restore New Jersey. Wahoo!

Jamie Jordan, Emergency Response Team Crew Member

This crew will remain on the east coast until March. They will provide support to several volunteer reception centers as well as mucking and gutting operations. 

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