Texas Conservation Corps Bridge Repair

After a week of working in a creek at Violet Crown Trail, the Red Crew found itself at another creek with the goal of moving a bridge that had been washed down stream during the October floods.  We worked alongside our project partner, John Mahan, the lead ranger for Brightleaf Preserve, to utilize the grip hoists and other tools to move the bridge approximately 25 feet upstream. This being our second creek project, we were already accustomed to our boots being wet and traversing the water and rocks.  We rebuilt the banks of the creek back by digging new holes for the bridge, placing the bridge in place, and then filling it in the excess space with concrete that we mixed.  We were able to have a feeling of accomplishment when we left on the third day after seeing the bridge in place, all of the boards placed correctly on the bridge, and sanded.  The bridge will be used for guided tours of the trail mainly for groups of young children.  John, the lead ranger, and Nancy, the program director, explained to us how the children that walk across the bridge love it since they are able to be close to the water, while still being safe.  They often see children sitting on the edge of the bridge as the water gently passes under their feet.  We were able to be apart of this process and contribute to a greater knowledge and wonder that these children will obtain from the trail.

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