54,000 minutes: How Do You Measure a TAT Term?

We never knew how big Texas was until we started working around in various Texas State Parks. In total we worked in Blanco, Bastrop, Huntsville, Cooper Lake, Davis Mountains, Buescher, and McKinney Falls. In Bastrop we encountered some flooding issues. Who puts a water main under a trail? It doesn’t matter, we found it and drained it. Throughout our hitches we thought the javelinas were eating only half a bagel at a time but we found out it was Colleen. They just ate our buns and carrots. The Davis Mountains brought our crew together in the second half of our season. Traveling all the way out to Ft. Davis wasn’t enough, we even time traveled in a drum circle to Bikini Bottom. Jokes aside, we finished a twelve mile loop in the Davis Mountains State Park. We dug that trail inch after inch and put our blood, sweat and tears into it. The trail would take sometimes even more, Camilo broke more tools than is possible for one man. The trail is sometimes hard. Sometimes the local wildlife would try to tell us how good of a job we were doing. Rob informed us that centipedes are not good at hugs. The staff at the park were great and even invited us to the first annual Mile High Chili Cook-off. Number fourteen was the best and winner in both our hearts and the competition. Overall, we have had a great first season this year. Rob, Will, and Blaise are moving on but the rest of us will continue to work in and improve the Texas State Parks.

-A collaborative effort of the Spring 2015 TAT Crew


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