Young, Wild, and TxCC

On June 8, the TxCC Austin and Hays Youth Crew Leaders met with their twelve crew members for the first time to kick off a week long orientation for new members. The first three days were filled with paperwork, expectations, and safety protocol discussions, but the week wouldn’t have been complete without some TxCC-style fun. On Thursday of orientation week, we took a midday break to hike the Greenbelt – a first for some members. On Friday, we volunteered at the Austin Water Quality Protection Lands with TAT crew leader Samantha to learn about seed collection and plant identification. By the end of the week, the crews were prepared and excited to begin their first project at the Lady Bird Wildflower Center!

A few thoughts from the crew members…

What does being a part of TxCC mean to you?

“It means starting off right out of high school with a job that gives me hands  on experience with things and places that I love. It means helping out the community and learning important things about myself at the same time.”

-Morgan, Hays Crew

What was your favorite part of new member orientation week?

“One of my favorite parts of the new member orientation was meeting and working with people with different personalities.”

-D, Austin Crew

What’s something you enjoyed during orientation week?

“I really enjoyed learning about plants and picking seeds with Samantha. I learned a lot that day.”

-Rio, Hays Crew

Our first week on site was spent at the beautiful Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center clearing an area for a prescribed burn. Gabriel “Woods” of the Austin Crew left us with some inspirational words, “Even through the heat, we strived to succeed. Through the mosquitos, bites, and bugs, we did what’s right. Let’s keep up the fight!”

-Katie McCance and Nick Thompson, Austin Youth Crew Leaders

wildflower group photo AYW seed collecting on SLC 2015-06-12 wildflower center 1

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