Ode to Palmetto State Park

Oh sweaty Palmetto State Park how do I recount thee? Dare I mention the mosquitoes, the tiny little no see ‘ems, the snakes in the bathrooms, or the rare sighting of the illusive Coral Snake? Maybe it is best to start with the oppressing humidity that was striking the park while Trails across Texas worked to remove the silt that had covered most of the trail system in Palmetto State Park during the flood a few weeks prior. Five miles of trail, weeks earlier, were submerged in some spots by 41 feet of water because of the San Marcos River! The humidity made for sweaty uncomfortable work, but the new Trails across Texas crew was unhindered. Weeks later most of what remained of the flood was gone except for some trash and silt, lots of silt. The Trails across Texas crew spent their time maintaining the trails, to make them accessible to the public. This meant felling hazardous trees that began rotting during the flood. The other major task was to remove the silt off all the trails. Using two skid steers and hand tools, the majority of silt was scraped from the trail. Unfortunately the silt had revealed a secret, which was that most of the decomposed granite initially there had been swept away by the flood. The crew left before gravel arrived to completely fix the trails, but crew members remain eager to return and finish the job once materials arrive. First hitch for this season’s new Trails across Texas crew!

-Masuzyo Mhango a proud member of Trails across Texas.

Palmetto Swamp Forest
Palmetto Swamp Forest
The crew examines hazard trees in first day inspection of trails.

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