Amistad Attacks: A Compilation of Poems


Greeting amistad

You almost blew us away

With your tornado



Every morning we watched the coots

Fly in from far and near

With beaks of white and eyes of red

And a sleek and feathery veneer

It appears they called a meeting

Every morning on the lake

To find the days delicious food

while quacking and diving in place

We watched these ol strange coots

Dive down below the waters

For up to 30 seconds

They’re notorious deep lake divers

Some have looked those birds over

And asked “are those all ducks”

But we know from our own expert

That such a postulation is absolutely nuts


Gillespie our van

Held together by duct tape

Fifteen is better



The days where long and the buffelgrass was vast

The day came when we could board the boat at last


The lake is choppy the winds are high

But it is still so much better than spraying herbicide


Finally the islands came into view

We rammed the rocky shores and waited for the cue


We sawed threw vegetation

With no discrimination

The mission of our trip was habitat restoration


The deed is done we finished island one

With hopes that island two will be just as fun


Space was limited on this island for this type of chore

So only Dylan and Kim braved the rocky shore


The boat would not stay docked  for long due to the prevailing wind.

Drifting  away the remaining crew looked on as the vegetation was thinned


Little did they know that on the island there lied

A small kingdom of strong red ants striving to take our lives

Dylan screamed “ahh their bites are like knives!”


The valiant sawyers were swift with their work

The nearly made it back on the boat where no fire ants lurk


Thorns thorns everywhere

There are no leaves only thorns

Ouch it’s in my butt


Marcus and the snacks

Plants native and invasive

He gives us the facts


Ode to chiggers

What are things

That you can rarely see

That bite you like crazy

and always leave you itchy

They’re chiggers I tell you!

And I think they’re everywhere

They surely caught us bad in amistad

Unprepared and unaware

While we were innocently working

They creeped and crawled their way

Into places I am ashamed to even mention by name

Suddenly the itching started

And We were horrified to find

Bumps and rashes all over our bodies

Popping up in no time!

Nothing eased the pain

And nothing soothed the itching

We have all succumb to a life

Of ceaseless reminiscing

Of the time before the chiggers came

And before they left their gifts

Forever more we will think of amistad

As the place of one great itch


C. Red Crew


By: Red Crew

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