Blue Crew goes to Lockhart State Park

It is strange to think of things you take for granted, like never having dug a hole. I thought it was the monotony that was going to get to me. The repetitive nature I had assumed went along with this kind of work but in fact, it was all the little things that threw off the repetitive flow that got to me. Digging a hole wouldn’t be that bad if you didn’t have to stop and wrestle rocks from the ground or constantly having to fight with roots. TxCC spent the week in Lockhart State Park which was constructed by the CCC back in the 30’s. TxCC was tasked with doing some landscaping around an old but newly renovated CCC cabin, there were definitely some holes to be dug. Way more thought is put into planting things than I originally suspected.

Pepper Medina – DRT Crew Member

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