Crew Leader Training

We are a small piece to giant puzzle. It’s easy to forget that the group of crew leaders that I have been a part of for the last month is only a temporary crew. We are only together as we get ready for our members to arrive in January.

It’s so fun to be in a crew made of leaders, everyone participates, everyone helps, everyone is excited to be there. This gives us goals for where we want our crews to end up in the future.

For the past month, we have been filling out paperwork, learning technical skills, and preparing ourselves to successfully lead our crews. Our most recent training was S212 Wildland Fire Chainsaw Training.

Here, all levels of chainsaw experience came together to learn about chainsaw handling, maintenance, tree felling, and most importantly, safety.

We had a lot of fun working with firefighters from Texas A&M Forest Service as well as members of the Austin Fire Department.

We also had a great time setting up our own camp at the group barracks in Bastrop State Park and eating meals together as a giant family. Although we will be splitting up into our own crews soon enough, it’s nice to know that we have an expansive support system behind us for the days where we need extra encouragement.

Just remember, trust your sights, use a wedge, use your head, and be confident; the tree will fall and everything will be alright.


Michaela Aney – DRT Crew Leader

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