Trails Across Texas 2017: Our First Hitch

Somewhere around 9 A.M. on January 23 2017, myself, and 8 other millennials set off towards Government Canyon, a 12,000+ acre natural wildlife area 20 minutes outside of San Antonio. There we would set up camp, pitch our tents, and spend the next ten days working and living together. The projects assigned to TAT were to complete an accessible trail started in spring 2016, and to start and complete two rock drains on a regularly used front country trail.

The first day we all started work on the rock drains together, and decided that we would be more efficient if we split off and started working on both. So one crew leader and four members, including myself, moved to start work on the accessible trail where we spent the remainder of our work time on hitch breaking up old road base, laying down new road base, and spreading decomposed granite all over the all ready laid base. It was a tedious and monotonous task, and at times I wondered if I’d ever use another tool besides a McLeod or rake again, but on the second-to-last day our group finished our task and it was sweet relief to pick up a chainsaw and go to work on cutting cedar logs.

As for our time together, I can say now, just after ten days together, that these people I call my team will hold a special place in my heart. We work well together, and whatever frustrations arise, we talk it out like adults. We live well together too. Ours is a little commune where we all contribute laughs, stories, and help when needed.

These first ten days were old at night, warm by the fire, smelly in the van, long in the sun, toasty in the kitchen, hard in the field, and all around fantastic together. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Joshua Del Rio – Trails Across Texas Crew Member

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