Against all odds, TAT returned to Government Canyon for one final crack at the trail we’ve been laboring away at. We spent the last week applying finishing touches to the accessible Nature Trail at Government  Canyon State Natural Area. The crew, my self included, seemed thrilled at the idea of finally finishing up the trail. Ian estimates he has spent nearly 100 days at GC working on the trail! What a trooper.

I sweat more this week than I have in my entire life. I looked like I had jumped into a pool with my work gear on. And the rest of the crew was no different. There’s an old sports saying: leave it all on the field. We did that and more. We powered through the heat and humidity, the bugs and the ants, the achy mornings and the exhausted nights. The consensus among the crew was that the mud was the worst. You’d have to stop and clean the mud off your pick or McLeod after every couple licks. It made for slow, painstaking, back breaking work. My teammates are working machines. Animals. Beasts. We were committed to finishing this trail once and for all. And finish it we did.

So, we say good bye Government Canyon…
For now!
Carl Woody – Trails Across Texas Crew Member

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