The Trail Crews at Bastrop State Park


While working at Bastrop State Park usually entails the same work every week – cutting corridor, building tread, etc – this week we were happily graced with working with Trails Across Texas (TAT). It was such a great moment to show them our stomping ground and have them share our same passion for this work site. While we never really thought we would see much of the other crews besides during community meetings, sharing our home away from home with TAT (Orange Crew) brought even more awesome memories (and progress) to the trail that we could not have made on our own. So thanks TAT for an awesome week and good luck in Bastrop for the next month!

Taylor Major-Dame, Bastrop Trail Crew and Honorary TAT member
This week our Trails Across Texas crew was working in Bastrop State  Park with the Bastrop trail crew. They have been working on a reroute of the Lost Pines trail that got damaged because of the fire in 2011 in the park and then some flooding. We are going to be in Bastrop SP for a couple of weeks working on the reroute, so Bastrop crew was showing us the ropes on how to do this type of project. It was great camping with another crew, and our crew learned a lot this week.

Anna Jones, TAT and Honorary Bastrop member

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