TxCC DRT Training: Everything is new!

New city, new job, new skills, and new friends. The past couple of weeks have been rewarding and fulfilling and I’ve come to realize that this position is more than just a job. So far, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some awesome like-minded people and be part of something worthwhile and bigger than myself all while learning valuable skills. All in all the past few weeks of training represent a step to a new beginning to what I know will be an incredible experience! All these pictures were collected by my team members throughout training and showcase just some of what we’ve been learning!  


Team talk! Just a solid group of people keeping it real. Photo cred: Lizz


A lot of the team hail from all over! Our home away from home. Photo cred: Gary


Brand new steps in the right direction! Both literally and figuratively! Photo cred: Emily


Making a breakthrough! Rock work training. Photo Cred: Devin


Smashing success! Photo Cred: Devin


Cutting away what’s not needed. Developing better habits. Photo Cred: Cordelia

Lucas Lachica – Disaster Response Team

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