TAT at Cooper Lake

Oh Cooper, my Cooper. Bastrop taught us how to trailblaze through rocks and sand, McKinney taught us how to construct a fully functional bridge and causeway, but Cooper Lake taught us an even more valuable lesson; how to open up and be a real family. Evening rituals of campfires, games, and smores led to a spectacular time of bonding and unification which translated perfectly into each next day’s work. We could not have accomplished the amazing feats of building 28 checksteps, 2 waterbars, and 3 of the largest rolling grade dips Cooper Lake has ever seen without working as a well-oiled machine and cohesive team. We could not have installed 10 miles worth of trail signs while traversing the most dangerous expanses of the Buggy Whip equestrian trail without supporting each other unconditionally.  This past month’s work was celebrated with many a beautiful sunset, incredibly delicious meals, and a plethora of insightful conversations. I dare say that TAT has become more than just a trail crew. TAT is a true family.


Athena Burton – Trails Across Texas

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