Artist Boat


October 16th -20th Coastal & Black Pack Crew headed to Galveston , to partner with Artist Boat to remove invasive species chinaberry and Casterbean. This organization started in 2003 with the goal to educate , engage, and inspire people  to preserve and protect coastal and marine habitats with programs to include kayaking and hiking adventures, science and art labs, overnight camping, service learning and high-level engagement.

The crews removed 87 trees and loaded 37 trailer loads of brush. Albeit the property has  a long way to go until completion the work done has made the paths more accessible , given native plants and trees more room to grow and the scenery so much more beautiful. Being so  close to the bay it was nice to see the beach on the way to the site and to identify the coastal birds that flew over us.  It was a pleasure working with Artist Boat and I sincerely hope future TxCC members can get that same experience. 
Lyric West – Coastal Crew Member

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