Bayou Land Conservancy Bridge

Samuel Snelling here with you again giving you a report on how things are going on the Coastal Crew down in Houston. With our latest project we were working with the Bayou Land Conservancy to build a 72 foot bridge in Spring, Texas near Spring Creek.

It had just recently rained so when we arrived the first day we had to deal with quite a bit of mud, but nothing that we couldn’t handle.


First, we started with digging down about 2 to 3 feet down with post hole diggers to plant our supporting post into the ground. We used this new type of “cement” that was basically really hard foam. Seemed to work pretty good in cementing the posts into the ground. We eventually placed 14 of those down, and moved on to the next task of adding our stringers, which are the side boards that will connect each post. We added 12 of those using 1/2 inch by 6 inch lag screws with washers to keep them in place.

Then we added headers which are perpendicular to the stinger boards, and then after those we added our runners. While some people were working on that we also had some people working on the ramps. This bridge is going to be used as a hiking/biking trail so we wanted to transition from the ground to the bridge to be as smooth as possible. We worked on it for awhile to get it just right.

After the long week process we finally got it done! I felt this was a great project to help my crew and me brush up on our carpentry skills, and hopefully do a project like this in the future. Here are more pictures from this project!

Sam Snelling – Coastal Crew Leader

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