Davy Crockett Project

For the past ten days Pink Crew spent time at the Davy Crockett National Forest, mainly helping to rebuild bridges that had been damaged by hurricanes. We worked on the 4-C backpacking trail that ranged about 22 miles. Our first project was to help rebuild the roof of a backpacking shelter that had been burned and damaged.

Although this was our crew’s first time working on rebuilding bridges, we were able to problem solve well and come up with ideas of how to repair them. For the first few days we spent a lot of time carry lumber through the forest as some of the bridges were a couple miles apart from each other. One of the bigger bridges we worked on we had to pull out of the slough, set back on posts, and reattach the decking. Altogether it was about fifty feet long and it was awesome to see it completed and be able to walk across it afterward rather than wading through the slough!
This was our first project since deployment and it was definitely nice to be back in the forest, working, cooking with the crew, having fires and falling asleep under the stars to the sound of crickets each night.
Layla Prestwood – Pink Crew (DRT)

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