Lake Whitney State Park

Guys! Purple Crew had such a great week, you absolutely HAVE to hear about it! We got to go on our first hitch this week at Lake Whitney State Park and it turned out to be an absolute blast. At first we thought we were going to be repairing cabins, but it was even cooler than that, because we got to actually build the structures almost from scratch. The foundations were already there from previous cabins that had been wiped out by flooding and we got to use those as our templates for sizing and whatnot. Of course, construction is not something that we typically do, so we were guided by the trusty Casa Verde Builders and we were also joined by the one and only Black Pack. All told we worked on 4 cabins and got the walls up and bolted down on all of them and even finished siding and began the roofing on a couple! Our campsite had a perfect view of the lake, which duplicated the beautiful sunrises every morning as all kinds of bird songs floated on the breeze. There were all sorts of other unique experiences, from witnessing a tree falling naturally with a loud crack, to an armadillo scuttling through the woods, coyotes howling from all around the lake at night, and a midnight thunderstorm! On the last night all three groups set up a little campfire and we had some s’mores and storytelling, even though it was pretty chilly out. It was a great ending to our already perfect trip, and we can’t wait for our next project!


Caelynn Moon – Field Crew Member (Purple!)

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