Lost Pines Scout Reservation

This week, were camping at a site called Lost Pines Scout Reservation and these loblolly pines contain DNA that date back to the Pleistocene era when we had our last ice age. They grow in low nutrient soils and have incredible resilience. While we’re in this area, we must spray herbicide on a native woody plant called yaupon Holly to prevent the spread of wildfires since their leaves are waxy and pop when too hot. Another benefit to its removal is the promotion of native grasses, which grow in clumps and allow the return of quail, leaf cutter ants and turkeys. Buffalo and other herbivores used to maintain the necessary disturbance in the landscape; however, as their numbers have declined, humans are now needed to accomplish this task. The site still has foxes, bobcats, coyotes, and other little animals that roam in the area.

Outside of work, we enjoyed canoeing, jumping off docks and swimming, building bonfires, and bird watching. Hope we get to return to this beautiful site.

Katy Tiernan – Field Crew Member (Green Crew)

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