Balcones Canyonlands

Many of our new members will remember our first hitch during training. We all went to a piece of land recently purchased by Travis County as part of Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, and practiced using chainsaws. For me, the most memorable part of the project was when the biologist from Travis County spoke with us about what we were doing. They had purchased this piece of land in order to create a habitat for an endangered species of bird, the black-capped vireo. At first, it was hard to wrap my mind around the idea of cutting down so many trees, but once the biologist explained the objective, it all came together for me and I felt a sense of purpose. The plot of land was made up of a dense cedar canopy, and some shin oak, however this particular bird prefers a shrubby grassland, so we were to cut the younger trees and open up the space.

During training, we only spent two days at this site, but the biologist had mentioned bringing back a crew to finish up the job. From February 12th – 28th, Green Crew got to go back. I think its safe to say that we all became well acquainted with the chainsaw, and spent a lot of time hauling brush. Now, the site looks like an entirely different place, and I know our team feels great about what we accomplished for this species.
Mayakla Hartness – Field Crew Member (Green Crew)

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