Florida Deployment by James Turowsky

Hello Blog Readers,

For the past six weeks we’ve been on deployment in Polk County, Florida. There we served people who were still in need of assistance from Hurricane Irma that struck the area last September. We provided services to homeowners, such as tarping for damaged roofs, debris removal, muck and gutting of materials inside the home damaged by water, and mold suppression. My specific job was as the operations and safety chief. My duties were to contact homeowners about what services they were in need of and to schedule when our crews could come out to complete the jobs for them. I’d also update information such as when work was completed and what safety measures should be followed for the operational period. Overall I really learned a lot from this deployment developing skills that will be really beneficial both professionally and for life in general. We had plenty of time to bond more as a team and learn more about each other, along with the members from the other conservation corps that served with us. Thanks for reading!

James Turowsky


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