Camp Salmen by Alex Price

This past week Louisiana Conservation Corps spent five days repairing boardwalks at Camp Salmen Nature Park. It was a beautiful park and LaCC had a fun time with the job. It was tricky getting some of the boards out of boardwalks and LaCC had to be creative in our ways of removing them without damaging other boards.
The park was very beautiful and was teeming with wildlife. LaCC saw a variety of baby and adult turtles resting on the knees of cypresses. Crew members saw some skinks crossing our paths as we worked, like the broad headed skink. We even caught some glimpse of snakes, a cottonmouth and a rat snake. The team had a fun time trying to identify different animals we saw in our time there.
The park staff was really welcoming and accommodating. We had great project partners who came out to help us rip up and cut boards. They were very helpful in transporting tools and supplies to the job sites. They even gave us some tours of the park on our breaks. Overall it was a great week and a great way to start off our first hitch since coming back from our Florida deployment.

Screenshot 2018-04-16 07.48.02

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