Green Crew Goes to LBJ

Monday morning, rise and shine.
Gather tools and load the gear.
Going on a ten day hitch,
our first one of the year!
Joining us is Black Pack,
Their season’s almost through.
And though they couldn’t saw with us,
they helped show us what to do.
Along the road we worked,
so many trees we felled.
At Caddo-LBJ,
“COMING DOWN!” we yelled
After work it’s back to camp
in the field with a loud wind mill
We change our clothes as others cook.
When dinners done we eat our fill.
Then hippie stretches, yoga mats.
Dad can almost touch his toes!
Someone starts a warm camp fire.
We gather round, watch how it glows.
With Dishes done and food packed up,
by 8 pm it’s getting dark.
Far away coyotes howl,
whiles Peartle’s dogs, they bark.
Out there in the Grasslands,
it’s Forest Service Law
You must have a Certificate
to run or use a saw.
In Joining Green Crew late
I did not get my Cert.
But someday soon I’ll have my chance
to show them what I’m worth.
On my turn to run a saw
and fell my first big tree,
I’ll wear those chaps with pride.
Just you wait and see!
With an ax right by my side
and wedges in my pocket,
My face cut will be perfect
and I’ll smile as I drop it.
Ashley Prouty – Field Crew Member (Green Crew)

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