San Antonio Missions Trail Work

On April 30th Gold Crew traveled from Houston TX to San Antonio TX to work at the San Antonio missions for 5 days. We worked at a location known as Rancho de las Cabras, which has yet to be open to the public. We rerouted an existing trail and improved the sloping and grading of different parts of the trail. We also added waterbars and swales to the trail in order to properly drain water and prevent erosion of the trail. The trail runs partially along the San Antonio River, with lots of wild life in the area. Some of our crew even spotted a massive wild hog through the trees. They plan on opening the trail to the public on June 2, 2018.

We also spent some time doing some prairie restoration by removing evasive species such as mesquite and weesatch trees with chainsaws and loppers. On our last day we also set up two bat boxes, which encourage bats to come into an area where there are few roosting sites. We worked along side Greg Mitchell, a National Parks veteran of 14 years.

Tim O’Leary – Coastal Crew Member (Gold Crew)

Pictures by Noel Lampazzi – Coastal Crew Member (Gold Crew)

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