Farewell Ode to LBJ Grasslands

Farewell Ode to LBJ Grasslands
LBJ, you gave us our Foundation,
formed through struggle, triumph, and frustration.
So, here’s a poem to you from Green Crew,
about the four times we’ve come to see you.

When we heard we’d be with you 40 days,
we had no clue we’d grow so many ways.
Like children, we couldn’t wait to meet you,
but had no idea what you’d put us through.
Our spirits were high on the day that we met!
We came with tents & tools & saws all set,
to clear-cut cedar on all four hitches –
not knowing how much you’d tear our britches.
Oh, LBJ, you taught us so much!

On our first hitch we cut road-side fuel break
Those cold nights tested how much we could take
Trip two: seventeen acres needed felled,
But we couldn’t saw until thunderstorms quelled.
Went back to the same campsite for round three.
Still no cert.- Ash used an Axe to fell trees!
A shady camp and lake trips on hitch four?
A side of you we hadn’t seen before
Oh, LBJ, how you’ve grown on us.

Beyond the work there’s much we’ll remember
Like how each hitch brought a new staff member
Or having pull-up battles. Guess who’d win!
Or Andrew’s paints, Shawnee playing violin.
We learned that Pedro is rarely satisfied
With chain maintenance. Whose got a raker guide?!

And the rest of the girls are often content
To finish their chores, then head to a tent
Oh, LBJ, our time with you was priceless!
In those 40 days, Some better than others,
We grew close: became sisters & brothers.
You made such attempts to tear us apart!
Cold nights, hot days, and shopping at Walmart!
But we never broke, wouldn’t give up hope!
Not even that day we ran out of soap!
You brought out our best features as a crew
But now we’ve grown and must bid thee adieu.
Oh, LBJ, we will never forget you.

Oh LBJ, we will never forget you!


Ashley Prouty – Field Crew Member (Green Crew)

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