Youth Crews go to Big Thicket!

Big Thicket illustrates and embodies both the triumphs and passion, which precise conservation utilizes in order to maintain and facilitate a flourishing natural environment, such as The Thicket of Diversity. I myself was gifted the pleasure of serving with Texas Conservation Corps to contribute to these valiant efforts, and see first hand, the products such deliberate efforts can produce in a fertile ecosystem, through clearing the obstacles invasive species create, to allow organisms like the Pitcher Plant and the endemic species present only within Big Thicket, The Texas Trailing Phlox to gain a larger presence in its inherent habitat. I will eternally value the opportunities provided to me by both AmeriCorps and the National Park Service, it was my sincere delight to interact with both my fellow co-workers and the project managers to further the life of the land in my native state of Texas and absorb the knowledge and experience such arduous labor is able to bestow upon one who refuses to squander the precious fortunes the wild.

Ethan Payne – Youth Crew Member

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