TAT goes to Tyler State Park!

As most do when departing Austin , we hit 35 north. The group full of excitement for the journey and curiosity for the work to be done. Encountering first our methods for choosing groceries amongst the group ,a  crucial endeavor which we navigated in a caring fashion.  That lead to all of are most glorious nutrient.

Day one we all learned how to use grip hoist as a unit it is slow moving, yet rewarding process which leaves one proud to have moved such a beam through the forest. By the end of the hitch those beams were level secure, and had tracks laid on top. Other beams were grip hoisted into place at 2 other bridge sites. We found each pair to operate grip hoist end up bonding over the time consuming process. Completing one bridge aside from railing at front of park. Getting oddly familiar with drill bits that enabled  us with many moments to ourselves of deep mediation. All of us curious to learn how we get cuts in post level for the I beams, which Tyler shared with us. Boyd a local ranger showed us around one morning and answered all of our questions about Tyler state park.

Harvey has numerous new names and a great frisbee throw, Susan had us rolling perpetually and is a fish , Cassandra is a hard worker and passionate. Fay was very caring and considerate, Tyler and Alex are very complimentary to each other , and share all the knowledge they can.

Laying down each night with the sun, rising each morning with the sun, as well and sharing food and spending all day together was bonding for all of us. As ancient as humans themselves.

All of us became familiarized with each bridge site and what work needed to be done at each. Which leads to a bit of anticipation to start up again on our next hitch 🙂

Tait – Trails Across Texas Crew Member

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