Building a bridge at Tyler State Park

IMG_1701 (2)

My initial blog attempt chronicling our days building bridges in Tyler State Park seemed dull and somewhat frustrating. I was belaboring griphoist techniques (there’s really only one), moving lumber, and drilling holes in metal. If that’s all we did, why was I remembering it as days of awesome?

As I reflected on how to convey the most genuine hitch experience, I realized our days are filled with much more than mechanical motions. Yes, we spend inordinate amounts of times moving steel beams not very far and drilling holes for days. Yet, there are also so many intangible aspects that are an equal part of the day as a whole.

The easy familiarity of the morning, where poops are monitored and celebrated. The in depth conversations that fill the space in the hours of griphositing. Learning to navigate each other’s personalities to stay friendly, efficient, and productive.

The act of creating bridges that will hopefully be sustainable for many years is in itself rewarding. However, beyond the physical structure of the bridge, I also see a monument to the time creating it. Each of our individual struggles and triumphs fused into that one cohesive unit. This combined with the work we’re performing are what make each hitch a full and valuable experience.

Chronicles of hitch 2:

Day 1 We travel to Tyler State Park. Tait leaves me a veggie wrap seat surprise, and I give him the best get well fist bump explosion I’ve ever imparted.

Day 2 Griphoist steel beams 4 lyfe. During the griphoist and coil partnership, have epic conversation with Cassandra that shifts my perspective on life. Aka every conversation I’ve ever had with Cassandra.

Day 3 Same as day 2. Harvey documents the gloriousness of echoing my name across the forest. Sounds in memoriam.

Day 4 Slept poorly, all I remember is relating a honklarioso poo joke from my hammock. James is the only one who laughs. Appreciated, it was so good it deserved a chuckle, even pity style.

Day 5 More sleep deprivation. Remember only over bright grocery store for snack reload. In an attempt to narrow down visual sensory overload, deliriously peered through a funnel hanging nearby. Every time I telescoped Tyler his eyebrows were making jokes. Chortled me right back to a good mood.

Day 6 Drilled until rained out. Then stared at a painting with symphony accompaniment at the Tyler Museum of Art. Artinnerpeace, but the salsa wasn’t that good.

Day 7 Digging tread in the pouring rain. Sitting under a leaf waterfall at lunch, Alex uncovers my meaning for life is searching for my meaning. Raindrop life epiphany.

Day 8 Playing frisbee xtreme water style in Tips: Battle of the Genders. Fay was watching the duck and wants to know if I was watching the duck too. I definitely was.

Day 9 The sills didn’t go as planned. As solace, I didn’t blow up the work site. Littlewinsareeverything. Thanks Supervisor Hank.

Day 10 Driver training videos. Stale green to fresh red. If I knew it was that easy I would have been a better driver a long time ago.

Synopsis: Hitch 2 is a roaring success.

Susan Belgrade – Trails Across Texas Crew Member

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