Stephen F. Austin State Park

Our first ten day hitch as a crew together was an exciting and eye opening experience. Stephen F. Austin State Park was beautiful and very hot, but we persevered and really enjoyed ourselves. The state park is a hidden gem just outside of Houston with a lush forest of towering kudzu-draped trees along the Brazos river. We saw many snakes and huge orb weaver spiders while we were there. We were rained on a bit, but it was a welcome change from the hot sun.
Most of our time was spent cutting back overgrown trail and laying down decomposing granite, which we then tamped with McLeods. We were lucky enough to have very helpful park volunteers who would help dump the granite by the bucketfull with a tractor where we needed it to be. That really helped spend up the process so that we could get more trail layed down faster. On a day after a particularly heavy rain, we couldn’t do our trail work so we cut low hanging limbs in the camping areas with pole saws. Having been our first time since training using saws in the field, we loved getting the practice time.
We really enjoyed our hitch together at Stephen F. Austin State Park and having the pleasure of meeting the very welcoming park volunteers there. One of the lovely park volunteers who we called OC, was so sweet and cooked us tacos one night of our hitch and we had dinner together. We hope to meet them again someday. Purple Crew is looking forward to more hitches and getting used to hitch life.
Megan Brewton _ Field Crew Member (Purple Crew)

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