Eisenhower State Park

The TAT crew was assigned a simple task in Eisenhower state park, to install signs for a ROV/ATV trail system. This trail system is the first of its kind within a Texas state park and therefore an adequate amount of signs were needed. With adequate signs comes many post holes which we started with a post hole digger and a rock bar.
After hitting multiple rocks and making slow progress, the park gave us access to their skid steer with an auger. With a simple “who wants to drive it?” from one of the maintenance workers, Tait volunteers and gets a crash course in operating the beast. After a little getting used to, progress becomes more steady as the TAT crew divides the work efficiently. Tait with a spotter would drill out the post holes and clear the loose dirt. Our crew leader Tyler along with Susan would assemble the signs and bring them to Cassandra, Alex and myself to be thrown in the ground and packed with earth. Thanks to a ROV that the park graciously loaned us, staging the signs in the correct spots was a breeze and getting rides in it wasn’t so bad either. Lopers were also used by myself to clear up the edges of the trail which had plenty of sprawling cedars and brown recluses.
 After all was said and done and with a bit of tender, love and care the trail was quite nearly completed by the time our hitch was over. We were even told by maintenance that we were the hardest working crew they have seen which we appreciated considerably. Besides the hard work of the day, the nights were most pleasant for sleeping. Many of us spent time along the coast of Lake Texoma to unwind after work and some of us more daring souls climbed along the fallen boulders. Unfortunately we will not get another chance to work at Eisenhower state park this season but it surely left an impression that we can treasure until a future revisit.
Matt Harvey – Trails Across Texas Crew Member

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