White Crew at Lady Bird Lake

White Crew went out to Lady Bird Lake to remove invasive and nuisance plants, replace them with native grasses, and contribute to the general beautification of the area. Though this was only our second project of the season, we managed to find a good work rhythm and got a lot of good work done in our five days at the park.

We kicked off the project with two days of pulling elephant ear, an invasive plant that made its home in the muck along the lakeshore. This was probably the most trying part of the project, as the thick mud and the initial slow pace of the work pushed us to our limits, but we were able to overcome these challenges and stay on schedule.

After these first two days of hard and dirty work, cutting through a literal forest of ragweed was a welcome change. Getting to see the difference we made at the end of each day was a great added bonus! At that point, we had a much better understanding of how we worked together as a crew, and even occasional encounters with not-so-friendly wasps did not disrupt our work pace.

Finally, we rounded out the project by planting a variety of native grasses in the spaces we cleared from ragweed. It was great to see the space we worked on become totally transformed after a week of hard work, and our project partner even got each of us a bald cedar tree to plant after we were done with everything else! We learned a lot about how we work as a crew over the course of this project, and we hope we get to come back to Lady Bird Lake for another project.


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