Hurricane Michael Deployment Week 2

When we first arrived to Port Saint Joe we noticed the immediate needs of the community. We began assessing neighborhoods to see which homeowners we could help. We finally started to get a handle on things and began helping the community that surrounds us. The command staff has made connections with organizations that can help with projects that are out of our scope. For any projects that we cannot do we refer the homeowner to another organization. We have also set up our command office in the community center next to the EOC, where we have helped out some of the local senior citizens with assessments. We’ve gotten about 10 assessments from the community center and 47 from the field and/or crisis clean up. Our teams have completed 9 work orders and are currently working on 5 homes.

This being our first official work week we have hit the ground running, in spite of the unfortunate weather. Since it is unsafe for our crews to be on roofs and sawing under some hazardous trees, we have sent some of our teams to local donations centers to help sort and organize goods that have come in. We also have a team canvassing and talking with local businesses to see if anyone else needs assistance that is not in crisis clean up.  We are using these rainy days to properly train people on how to use come along hoists so they can move trees that are too heavy to move by hand. Even with this weather setback we are still getting things done for the community and keeping our members healthy and safe.

Sonia Hernandez – DRT Crew Leader (White Crew)

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