The Vine Grow

Weaving and twisting, stretching and grasping with a unrelenting malice

The trees carry them, high into the sky, tangling them, choking them

The sun shines and glows, feeding them, growing fat and tall on the light and warmth.


We come with loppers and saws, and a fierce determination

Knowing it’s up to us to free the trees from the vine’s wicked clutches

To let the sun shine and ever sparkle again.


Two weeks had passed in what felt like an endless struggle of thorns and fibers

Our bodies ached, arms wincing as we held the loppers high and pulled the brier low

Legs due diligently worked, takings us up and down the slopes, fairing us across the river side.


Our hearts never wavered, for the fruit of labor was the beautiful and clear view of the river and beyond, and the thankful trees, now free from the cruelty of vines.

John Currey – Disaster Response Crew Member

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