LaCC Gulf Corps crew in Texas

This week, Pink Crew crossed the border to join Texas Conservation Corps’ Aqua Crew in their work at Armand Bayou, outside of Houston, TX. Having previously trained in Wilderness First Aid and Wildland Firefighting with Aqua crew, we enjoyed getting the chance to work directly with them on their home turf.

We again camped at Galveston Island State Park for the week and were joined at our campsite by LaCC’s new Red Crew, as they started their term with Wilderness First Aid training. Camping right off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico provided beautiful views and a nice change of pace for us.

Our week at Armand Bayou was devoted to restoring the area’s coastal prairies to their natural state. We focused on removing Chinese Privet and Chinese Tallow, two highly invasive species. We used chainsaws, brush saws, and loppers to cut down the Privet and Tallow and, in drier areas, applied herbicide to the low stumps to prevent regrowth. Frequent rain in recent weeks left the prairie waterlogged, so hip boots were required to reach several areas. It was messy (fun) work.

One highlight from our trip was an impromptu visit to Johnson Space Center, just minutes away from Armand Bayou. After a long day of work in the prairie, we decided to check it out after seeing the Independence shuttle from the highway.




-LaCC Crew Leader, Ridgely Dorsey

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