MLK Day of Service while on Deployment

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service took place on January 21st 2019. Between the two forward operating bases (FOBs), three projects took place over the course of the day. The largest project was a debris clean up project at the Mexico Beach boat ramp, where 92 AmeriCorps members from Laguna Beach and Blountstown, and 5 community volunteers worked to clear debris out of the woods and the area around the boat ramp. By the end of the day, 293 cubic yards of debris, or 24 dump trucks work of material had been removed from the woods and taken to the side of the road. Many of the AmeriCorps members had a chance to talk to the community volunteers, many of whom lived in Mexico Beach about their experiences during and after the hurricane.  

In Gulf County, four members from the Laguna Beach FOB installed a handrail on a porch for an elderly homeowner. The homeowner was disabled and had recently had a stroke, so the lack of a handrail meant that she had fallen several times. They finished the project in just over half a day, and joined the crews at the boat ramp towards the end.

The final project took place in Tallahassee at the Multiagency Warehouse where a team of 5 from Blountstown counted cases of water and tarps totaling 380, 370 lbs of items, as well as loading trucks.

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