Silver Crew Best Crew


This week we cut down billions of Ligustrum trees
While using chainsaws, handsaws, and a wrench made for weeds
An invasive named Nandina was our secondary target
We attacked it with loppers before we departed
Silver crew does not only destroy, we also create dreams
And through the planting of native grasses we grew as a team
At this location we collected plenty of trash
Wool underwear, beer bottles, and diapers that smelled like….. roses
We may have a busted-up van and power tools that won’t start
But whatever our crew touches turns into a work of art
Shout-out to our awesome leaders for all of their guidance
And for charging into battle, tools up, right beside us
There is much more that could be said of the first week for this stellar crew
But I have to go because we have much more conservation work to do
I’m sure the staff of TxCC could say that in this short time they have found…
Silver crew is simply the BEST crew around.

Kaitlyn Leist – Conservation & Disaster Crew (Silver)

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