Turtle Bayou, Anahuac Texas

Our last hitch in Texas has been completed! And it sure was one for the books. By far the toughest hitch we’ve been through this season. But those are always the ones you remember the most. We had a 10 day spike camp hitch, continuing the construction of a 600 ft boardwalk at Turtle Bayou. An area covered in at least a foot of mud. We’ve been closely working with the Texas Conservation Corps with this project but got to take it on with just our crew this hitch. Through the mud, freak storm that ripped tents, and tool malfunctions, we managed to add an additional 95 feet of boardwalk! Doing maintenance of boardwalks is not new to us, but building them from scratch was. There was a steep learning curve for the crew but, by the end of this last hitch I think it’s safe to say we’re pretty close to experts now. We’re sad to leave Texas and say goodbye to our friends at TXCC but are very proud of the work we put in. Back to the SouthWest Refuges!

– LaCC Crew Leader, Courtney Gullo


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