Mansfield Dam Park

During the week, Red Crew had spent most of their time building box steps at  Mansfield Dam Park in a picnic area to prevent further erosion and provide better footing to park-goers that would use the space. Throughout this project, a number of different factors attributed to both our setbacks and our timely completion of the steps. From leaving behind crucial tools and either improvising or changing focus on to different task  to cooperating with the nearby Green Crew to aid one another with our obstacles. In this particular project, many different skills were tested as we did everything from sawing and measuring the lengths of our boxes for our steps, digging out the square and trenches for said steps, creating crush to properly set in logs for the steps, firmly planting the steps with a drill and rebar, and finding the most efficient method for debarking rotten wood. After completing the steps with a day to spare, we set our sights on replacing a wooden railing near the steps and helping Green Crew with general renovations and corridor clearing in a different area of the park.

Despite the number of different bumps in the road we encountered with this project, it was a joy to see the camaraderie among Red Crew as they all managed to keep a smile in the face of it all. As breaks were spent cracking jokes and skipping rocks along the river. Everyone had preserved through the cloudy, cold winds that had eventually turned into unbearable heat for the sawyers in their chaps. All resulting in a box-step stair case that they were all more than happy to admire and walk upon. Not only that, but as Red Crews’ first time installing Box steps and working so closely together, it admittedly was a rocky start, but as the week progressed, the end goal became clearer as did their communication and cooperation with each other. In their inexperience and mistakes, valuable lessons were taken away that will surely be applied in future projects and it aided their bonding as a crew. #RedCrewBestCrew

Ivan DeLeon – Conservation & Disaster Crew (Red Crew)

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